The King Team Takes A Different Approach To Marketing and Selling your Home.
Watch this Video and see the difference
                 How we market your Home Online

1. Your own property domain and webpage click link for an example 
     a. You can use this domain to tell others where to find your home. Let’s say you are out and meet some people that are thinking about moving to the area and you tell them our home is for sale you don’t have to remember your agents name or website all you have to tell them is go to On that page there will be a mls link, your 30sec commercial, pictures, and more.
      b. You can use this Domain to send to friends and family via email post on face book, twitter and more.
      c. The King team will be using your domain for craigslist, facebook, YouTube, email our buyer clients and for printed materials
2. 30 second commercial   
      a. Americans have been programmed since birth to watch 30 second commercials anything longer than that we lose the audience.
      b. It needs to be Funny and entertaining and still get the message across some of the best commercials are simple one liners like":Where’s the beef" for Wendy’s or Flo from Progressive Insurance and I’m sure you can think of a few yourself. We use" this is the one" Real estate Genie " and others in some of our commercials.
      c. YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and streaming video has changed our world, My daughters now watch YouTube short funny videos all day long like I  watched Saturday morning cartoons or The A Team on Tuesday nights But the difference is they can share the videos and make it go Viral.
      d. We will also use the commercials to send to Real Estate Agents that they will watch and if it is good and funny will send to others in their office and friends

3. Your home will sent to all the major search sites
       a. Tulia. Zillow,, and all the rest just like all the other agents but the trick is to sell your home by making it stand out.
       b. We can make your home stand out from the rest by using the best photos and staging the inside and outside of your home. I believe in a selling  approach like any new Business. They have a grand opening with banners flags and more. There are rules that we must follow when putting your home in Mls and we follow them like on advertising phone numbers or websites on the pictures or enhancing the photos. We hire the best photographers many that have shot for magazines and stores. Before every shot they have it staged and ready for the perfect shot and so do we

Top Quality Real Estate Photography

 Marketing to Realtors

Keller Williams DFW South is one of the largest offices in the Dallas Fort Worth area with over 300 agents we can do things that others cant
            1. Office Property Tours
            2. Emailing agents your home
            3. Realtor Lunch
            4. 12 years of relationships with realtors in the Dfw area.